July 24, 2014

Dyeing Fabric

I really like how dyeing gives clothes a new life in a fun, creative, and messy way. My mom gave me a teal jacket. I am not a fan of teal, but I like the lines of the jackets. I decided to dye the jacket black.  I love how it turned out, more of a marbled gray than black. 

I bought a retro dress a few weeks later. I wasn't fond of the colors, but for a couple of dollars I figured I could dye it. I wanted it black. I left the dress in the dye bath over night, however the color didn't take as well as I wanted. Although it isn't dark, I'm thinking a pair of black tights, black boots, and a blazer is just what this pretty retro style dress needs! 

I've been dyeing for a long time, but I thought it might be helpful to include a link to detailed instructions on dyeing from Rit


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