July 23, 2014

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

My mom advised me that as many times as she's visited Austin, she's never been to any attractions. So on her last visit, I decided to take her and my daughters to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  The air conditioned cafe, gallery, and gift shops are nice to cool down in if you go midsummer (like we did). I would suggest visiting the center mid-May because in June it's extremely hot.

After you purchase tickets (they offer teacher, student, and military discounts), you walk down a stone pathway until you reach this beautiful pond with water plants, tadpoles, and turtles (yea, the little turtle in the photo is missing a leg...).

Once you're inside the center, there are so many wonderful things to look at. This deep pond caught my eye! My daughters and I threw a penny into the pond for good luck!

I love ponds and creeks. When I was a child, my brother and I created an entire make believe world revolving around a little creek in the back of our house.

The center has an art gallery, this time filled with beautiful paintings. The painting were nice, as well as the air conditioning. It was almost 100 degrees when we visited!

The lovely views and stonework throughout the center...

There is also a little cafe for sandwiches, ice cream, and other refreshments. Like many other attractions, the prices are slightly higher than average.

Each table is decorated with freshly picked flowers from the gardens. Very pretty...

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