November 19, 2014

Epic. Fail.

I love baking. When I get stressed out, baking calms me down. The soothing scent of vanilla, the heat from the oven, the clanking of measuring cups, and the whirling of the mixer erases the worries of the day...

Last weekend I came across a sweet little recipe: Sparkly Apricot Rosemary Cookies.

I followed the instructions, every detail. Once the cookies were cooled, I topped each one off with apricot preserves, white course sugar and I took a bite. The best part of the cookie: the apricot preserves and the crunchy, course sugar.

See the dough? Looks raw. It should look more like shortbread dough.

I have no idea what went wrong, but these cookies are off the baking list. Maybe I'll have better luck next weekend!

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