December 23, 2014

Things I planned to make for Christmas...

The key word here is planned.

I always have a long list of holiday decor I'd like to put up, gifts I want to make, and tasty treats I'd like to make family and friends. I never get to it. There's always the issue of money and time. This year the problem has been a lack of time, more than money. Being a teacher, leaves little time for crafting, decorating, and/or baking.

Well, here's to next year!

Holiday Home Decor

1. When I lived in Virginia, I made Magnolia Wreaths for the outside windows and placed an electric candle in the window. It was simple, yet beautiful. Since I've decided to stay in Austin at least another year, I can start making the wreaths for the 2015 holiday season.

2. A welcoming wreath on my door would have been nice this holiday season. I envisioned a cinnamon scented wreath dusted in silver glitter.

3. We have chairs and a little table on our porch. This would be a perfect, simple way to decorate them. It looks a lot better than two bare chairs in front. *frown*

4. In the foyer, garland and lights cascading down the stair case. Simple enough. I have everything I need except for the garland. I am watching for sales at the local craft stores. Start planning for next year...

 5. I love simple holiday decor. I thought a pretty tree, garland & lights on the stair case railing, candles, and a couple of holiday jars would be just right.

6. While I have wonderful ornaments on the tree however, I'd like to have a couple that represent my love of maps and the written word. I might pick up a few bulbs from the craft store (on sale) after Christmas and start working on projects during Spring Break or on the weekends.

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