January 25, 2015

Spring time plans...

Spring is right around the corner. Austin usually starts to warm up in April. Spring is the perfect time to be outdoors: not too cold, not too hot. For years I've been wanting to make the backyard porch enjoyable. I've dreamed of using the porch for dinner parties (for two), the family over for breakfast, watching the sunrise and sunset, and star gazing. However scorpions, fire ants, and mainly mosquitoes keep me indoors. This Spring, I'm coming up with a plan! I'm starting early. I want to enjoy the breezy Austin evenings!

The first project is to re-upholster the seat cushions on the outdoor couch. We've had a chilly winter. Some little creature ripped opened a couple of cushions and taken the stuffing, presumably to keep their nest toasty warm.

Here's two patterns I'm considering. I'm leaning toward Gondola Lattice...

Amari Geometric Licorice

Gondola Lattice Camelot

Porch inspiration photos (all photos found on Pinterest)...

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