April 8, 2015

New Spring Wardrobe in Your Closet

The fashion experts at DW suggest that a woman needs 6 essential clothing items for Spring. The 6 items, they say, can be found in your closet. I decided to take a peek into my closet to see how fashion savvy I am. I wear what I like. And though I've loved fashion for a long time, I don't follow trends. I am currently attempting to lose 30 pounds, so my wardrobe consists of sweatpants and large t-shirts when I'm at home. I, like a lot of middle aged women, hold onto my smaller clothing items for when I get back to my ideal weight. Sorry I digress! Back to the fashion...

The 6 items for this Spring are as follows:

ü    1. Transparent: silk blouses, chiffon skirts, and sheer scarves  
ü    2. Nautical: stripes, red accents, chunky chains, navy jackets
ü    3. Slouchy: oversized jackets, full legged trousers
     4. 70-Inspired: fringe, suede, long tops
ü    5. Refined Androgynous: pinstripes, black and white suit separates
ü    6. Khaki: military jackets, tan pants, trench coats

I have 5 out of 6. I'm fashion forward.

If you'd like to know how to wear these trends, check out the website! 

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