May 19, 2015

Countdown...Day 12

I've been making a list of all the things I've learned during my first year of teaching. Though I've been in education for the last ten years, I haven't been the teacher of record. Today was one of those days that seemed to never end. There were defiant students ("why do I have to read?" My reply: You're in a reading class?), rude students (clapping and talking while others read aloud), and spit balls on the white board (the culprit was identified). As I left for the day, I packed up 27 journals and poster paper. I had every intention of grading journals and making a countdown calendar...the journals sit by the front door and I have no desire to grade at 10:30 pm. 

I decided, tonight, I will post a good thing about each day until the end of the school year.

Day 12: I received an email from a youth program that partners with our school. The email explained my student, who won a $5000 scholarship and an iPad, requested me to attend a luncheon as her special guest. I am so proud of her accomplishments!!  

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