May 23, 2015

Future DIY Projects...

It's a warm, rainy day in Austin. Besides a quick run to HEB for ingredients to make queso, I've been at home rearranging furniture. I spend a lot of time at home. I like to make accessories, adding more ambiance to our home. 

I make accessories because I don't have a large home decor budget. While I have a long list of pieces I want to refinish and make, I'm always looking for more. I came across a couple of ideas browsing Pinterest...

I've been wanting make a constellation quilt forever. Maybe this summer?

This button globe would be easy to recreate. I definitely have enough buttons to do the job...(

I might create a shade like this for the classroom (

A vintage mirror would fit right in in my home. There are a couple of ways to antique a mirror to make it look vintage (

I love these maps, recreating a couple would be fun (

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