May 31, 2015

New (to me) Bookshelf!

When Joshua moved in, his furniture came with him. I had my eye on several bookshelves, an ottoman, and his dresser. I love refinishing old, beat up's relaxing. My first project was a bookshelf Joshua's mother offered him. At his apartment, he used it to hold his movie collection. It had been sitting in the garage for a couple of months before I started working on it.

The first step was to sand off the old varnish and stain. Before I could do that, I needed to remove the board from the back. Removing the board from the bookshelf made it extremely unstable. I had to sand the bookshelf laying it on its side, not to bust it into pieces with the pressure of the sander. I tried to sand the decorative pieces on the bookshelf, but I couldn't get all the old stain and varnish out of the crevices. So, I decided to paint the decorative pieces black. On the first coat of stain, I didn't realize I used a combination stain and poly. I basically started over, sanding off the new stain. I was a bit upset, so I stopped working on the bookshelf for a couple of weeks. 

Earlier this month Joshua and I stained (ebony) and poly-ed the bookshelf. This weekend we bought a board for the back and I decoupaged it with old world maps I saved from a 2010 calendar. Together we put the decoupaged board on the back, pre-drilling holes for the nails. I'm pleased with the finish project! I also enjoyed working with Joshua, teamwork is the best! 

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