May 17, 2015


Sunday is my day to read my favorite blogs, bake, and prepare for the week ahead. This morning I've spent way too much time reading blogs. Seems as if everyone I follow is traveling, which is awesome! If I could travel I would. I'd kiss my daughters goodbye, have a friend watch Bram, and bid Austin adieu for a month or so. I'd wander the ancient ruins of Rome, walk along the beach of Santorini, spend hours in fabric/bead/trimming shops in France, and write in the English countryside.

The first blog I'd like to share is AP&AS. I've followed Geneva's blog/website for awhile. I love her ideas and pretty photos. Her latest post comes from Hong Kong (click on the links below her post to see her various Hong Kong posts). I don't have a desire to visit Hong Kong, however pursuing over the photos makes me yearn for a trip. And that feeling of wanting an adventure is something that doesn't come to me often enough. I've chosen a few photos from her gorgeous collection...

A short video from AP&AS's Hong Kong Guide: Shopping...

Recently I came across The Young Austinian after searching for Austin bloggers. Katherine's latest post features her trip to Iceland. Again, I don't have a desire to visit Iceland, rather the post stirs the need to be far away from the everyday routine of my life. What I like about Katherine's Iceland post is the beautiful food and simple decor of cafes she visits. 

Now it's back to reality: hanging and ironing clothes (my dryer is broke) and finishing up lesson plans for the rest of the week. Enjoy the rest of Sunday! 

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  1. Travel is wonderful. I too wish I could do more of it. Set a goal, save up and go! It can be done. Short trips are great too. My two days in Amsterdam is something I'll always remember. Love to go somewhere else soon, but in the U.S. I think! I would LOVE to see Iceland!