June 25, 2015

A List of 24 Things...

Earlier today, I clicked a link on my Facebook page from a suggested post. It is a list of 24 things women should not wear after 30 from rantchic.com. So, I thought I'd share...

24. graphic tees (I'm almost 44. I love graphic tees)

23. bedazzled clothing

22. blue eye shadow

21. Victoria's Secret Pink (I'm guilty of buying most of my undergarments from VS Pink)

20. leopard print (I'm planning on buying leopard print flats for work.)

19. sparkly pants

18. over-sized sunglasses

17. non-matching socks (This happens to me...all the time, nothing matches.)

16. hoop earrings (I love hoop earrings. Why can't women over 30 pull them off?)

15. furry boots

14. furry anything

13. tube tops

12. short dress

11. mini-skirt

10. woman overalls (I know a lot of women over 30 that look gorgeous in a pair of overalls)

9. crop tops

8. American Eagle

7. booty shorts

6. old sneakers (guilty of having a couple pairs... that I wear on a regular basis) 

5. cheap bras

4. glitter eye shadow

3. platform flipflops

2. Abercrombie & Fitch

1. scrunchies 

(photo from camillestyles.com)

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