June 22, 2015

June Wedding

I announced in May that Joshua proposed to me. I accepted and we are planning a modest wedding the last week of June. I am excited. I have been married before, so the idea of going to the Justice of the Peace and my daughters attending as our only guests is perfect (for me). I don't want anything fancy this time around, just a elegantly simple wedding/birthday cake (we're getting married on my birthday), a pretty dress, and a beautiful bouquet. 

Marriage is a hard, extraordinary institution. I look forward to having a partner that is my best friend. He pushes me ("get writing on your novel, babe"), he comforts me, and he loves me for me. That is a wonderful feeling!

Over the next couple of days, I'm planning to work on a paper flower bouquet to carry. I didn't carry a flower bouquet before. So, I've gathered a couple of photos...

(all photos from Pinterest)

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  1. Congrats! Have someone take some nice photos of you guys! Would love to see how the bouquet turns out!