June 30, 2015

Paper Flower Bouquet

Today Joshua and I married and it was my birthday! I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed: scrambled eggs, toast with jelly, bacon, and a parfait. I spent most of the day working on the paper flower bouquet (instructions to follow) and searching for something to wear. My daughters, Mariah and Alexis, and I piled in the car and headed to JC Penney. After trying on ten dresses, we decided to head to Marshalls. I found a dress, however my daughter suggested I needed something to "suck everything in." We headed back to JC Penney. I found a slimming undergarment, but it was $60!! I decided to buy a pair of trousers, a pretty blouse, and costume jewelry piece, totaling $70. My daughter bought me a pair of stylish pink heels. The heels and jewelry matched the paper flower bouquet I made. When we got home from the JP (Justice of the Peace), we ordered pizza. While I opened gifts, Mariah made lemon cake-for my birthday. My gifts included chocolates, a Kitchen Aide food processor,  and cute slip on shoes (Joshua doesn't like my Nike flip flops much).  It was a great day!

I wanted something pretty to take with me to the JP. I came across Lia Griffith's DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet. I followed the directions for the roses, but I added a few of my own touches.  I tore pages from an old copy of Jane Eyre and painted each page pink. 

I hung the pages outside on the clothesline to dry, early in the morning. 

After the pages were completely dried, I traced the pattern pieces you can download from liagriffith.com and followed her simple directions. 

I made 14 roses in all. I didn't make the leaves in the directions; I felt the paper roses made a statement on their own. I also wrapped the flower stems in black lace without a bow instead of a ribbon. The only problem I had was wrapping the floral tape over the floral wire. My fingers were numb and gummy after I made one or two. Joshua stepped in to help when he saw how frustrated I was! So glad I married this wonderful man!

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