July 19, 2015

Book Review

by Teri Terry

Fractured is book #2 in the Slated Trilogy. The book follows Kayla's journey to find out what has become of her love interest, Ben. Woven into her need to discover who she is and what's become of Ben, is intrigue, terrorism and patriotism, politics and science and double-crosses. New characters are introduced and Terry successfully has the reader guessing if they're friends or foe to the end. There are a few passages that focus on the hardships of war: murder, suicide, and extreme cruelty. I am a fan of strong female characters. Kayla continues to be naive and innocent, but also strong and unusual. She's vulnerable and fractured, but fierce and indestructible. I would recommend the novel for older students and lovers of dystopian literature. I'm looking forward to reading the last novel in the trilogy: Shattered.

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