July 30, 2015


The reason for the MIA? I am in the process of moving. A couple of weeks ago, I got an eviction notice instead of the one-year lease I expected. Joshua and I originally wanted to purchase a home right outside of Austin, but changed our minds due to the rent being reasonable in our present home. We had hopes of saving a bit more while staying in the house I've lived at for five years. With the eviction notice came a lot of anger, tears, confusion, and panic. Austin is quickly becoming an expensive place to live. A lot of middle income families are being pushed out of the city by people who can afford the sky rocketing housing market.  

I've been packing for a week now. I've scrambled to find a moving company that doesn't charge an arm and leg. That is almost impossible. We are planning to move most of the boxes ourselves. Which means we will be paying rent and utilities in both places for a week. To top everything off, I go back to work during the moving week. Stress. And more stress.

A couple of days ago, Joshua told me that the move is a good thing. Yes, we are paying a lot more in rent (thank you, Austin's irresistible "charm" ). Yes, we are paying a small fortune to move 5 minutes down the road. Yes, I am going back to work...unpacking at home and at work. However, we're moving into a larger place and it's a good deal. A tiny apartment up the street is more expensive than the house we're moving into. There will be room for all four of us to have our own spaces. There is even an office space and a guest bedroom. So in the spirit of being positive: the move is a new beginning, our place to start married life, and meet our goals.

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