July 18, 2015

Summer Project: Front Porch

As I walked up to my porch before I left for Las Vegas, I was disheartened by my lack of motivation to create a beautiful, yet simple walkway to the front door. I always tell myself I'll get to it tomorrow! Needless to say, I never did and the small patch of earth looks like...crap. 

This week I went to HEB and bought three pots I'd been eyeing for awhile. I purchased three lemon grass plants to keep the bugs away at a local gardening center.  I love their lemony scent! I bought a dark brown mulch at Home Depot and spent a couple of hours getting to work. I was so inspired, I mowed the yard, trimmed the tree, and edged. The yard looks decent. However, I'd like to make the entry to our home, homey. 

Not so homey...

Much better! I love my potted portulaca. 
My next step is to take the chairs off the porch. No one sits out there. Last time I sat in the front a scorpion rushed my bare toes. Here's a couple of ideas I have for the front porch, in place of the plastic wicker chairs...

(Masonry & Wood Shelving from bloodandchampagne)
(Vertical Gardening from Minhacasa)
(Two step stools and metal pans from buzzfeed)
I'd also like to purchase a pretty rug or stencil a jute mat with my (new) initial. I was also thinking about changing out the ugly light fixture with something more classy.

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