June 17, 2016

New Beginnings...

Life has happened since I last posted...almost a year ago. My family and I had planned on moving back to Virginia. I resigned from my teaching position and began preparing for the big move. However, at the last minute the move was called off. Turns out my position was cut and I could not retract my resignation...which means I am unemployed again in Austin. It took me four years to find the teaching position I resigned from! For anyone who knows me, I worry about everything especially when it comes to my family's health and finances. To ease the worry, I decided to make use of the free time I have. I am working on creating lesson plans for YA novels while searching for a teaching job.

Regrettably, over the past two plus years of working I've gained about 40 lbs. Being a new teacher is stressful. I ate way too much processed, sugary food and I stopped going to the gym. A couple of my friends participate in a weight loss program that actually works. I'm not into programs or groups, but I am desperate to get back to myself. I don't recognize myself in the mirror. I look old and tired.

This blog has gone through many changes over the years...just like me. Now my focus is on my health and the good things in my life. I honestly just need a place to show I'm making progress!

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