July 13, 2017

Preparing for Framing...

I've been stitching a lot over Summer Break. Sometimes I get burnt out, especially when I miscount several times on one pattern. Fairy Flora...SIGH. Instead of stitching, I decided to work on preparing three finished pieces for framing. I like framing my work myself because: 1. I'm a teacher (strict budget) 2. It's hard to part with my work. I plan to purchase a mat cutter because most of the patterns I stitch include beads and I don't want to use spacers. 

I stitched Letters from Nora D and A for my mom and MIL for Xmas. I still haven't framed them...until today!

You will need an acid free foam board, pins, thread, needle, craft  knife, and rulers (quilt ruler and a metal ruler). 

It took me awhile to find thread that I like to use for lacing...Ecru No. 8 is my favorite. 

Since I'm using a ready made frame, I use the backing board from the frame as a template. I cut the foam core out using a craft knife and metal ruler, make sure the corners are straight. Sometimes I am a little lax on the sharp, straight corners which messes me up in the end. TIP: Take the time to make sure the corners are sharp. 

Next, I mark the center of the piece and place it with the wrong side facing up on a padded surface - I use a clean, white towel. I use the towel ONLY for needlework projects. I fold the excess fabric over the foam core the upper and lower edge and pin to secure the fabric. After I pin, I turn the piece over to check that it is neatly centered. I had to re-position and re-pin more than 10 times. It needs to be as close to perfect as I can get it!  

After the piece is pinned in place, I stitch horizontally on the wrong side and then vertically. I stitch the corners down last.  TIP: The thread should be tight. 


After I lace, I turn the piece over to check that it is neatly centered. In the past, I've had to tear out the lacing and start over again because the piece slipped. 

Now the piece is ready to frame...

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